Michael Winship

Managing Director

A little bit about me

How it all started…

I am living proof that you can achieve your ambitions and goals. After leaving school with no qualifications, and even being sacked from a couple of early jobs, it took me until I was in my early 20’s before realising it was up to me to make a better life for myself and it was not everybody else’s fault!

Once I woke up and realised that it’s up to me to help myself, I started to learn, both academically and motivationally. Life started to improve. Working in sales in the telecoms sector I started achieving targets. I chose to work for some of the UK’s leading businesspeople, soaking up their knowledge and learning from them. As a result, I was able to work up through the ranks eventually holding senior positions at Eurocall and Caudwell Group while continuing to gain valuable experience along the way.

Professional life

The start of SNE

Since launching SNE in 2009, I have seen the company develop from strength to strength. I have however reinvented SNE numerous times due to changes to funding streams and compliance, but always with founding principles at the forefront; assisting unemployed and low paid workers to improve their lives.

Personal life

My wife, my daughter and my dog

My personal stuff; I’m 55, married to Liz, have a daughter called Olivia and a dog called Callie (who often makes an appearance in the office). For a switch-off time, I cycle on a regular basis, enjoy cooking and travelling and annoyingly support NUFC! The favourite phrase “Belief creates actual”.

“Finally, it’s your life and you make it what it is. However, my team can give you skills and the belief to really change your lives for the better!”

Michael Winship

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