5 Reasons to become a Barber

Top 5 reasons to be a Barber

The barbering industry is a booming one. It is a profession that has been around for centuries, and it is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Barbers are in high demand in the UK, with an estimated shortage of over 10,000 barbers currently. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for those who want to retrain.

There are also many benefits to being a barber, including earning potential and job satisfaction. Below we list out the top five:

Become your own boss

Whilst it can take a while to train to be a barber, longer-term many become their own boss and even have their own shop, giving them complete control. Many start off by renting a chair in an independent salon or set up as a mobile barber.

You can be creative

Being a barber allows you to be creative. In most cases people will ‘want their usual’ but over time as they trust you, they may ask you to help them restyle their look or imitate their favourite person off Love Island!

Build people skills

Being a barber, you will meet lots of different people every day, giving you the opportunity to talk to people from all different backgrounds. So, if you are a little shy now, you won’t be for long!

Barbers are always needed

You wouldn’t trust a computer to do your hair would you? Or for that matter your partner. Do you remember the queues of people wanting to get their haircut after lockdown? Barbering is a skill, and so will always be needed.

Barbers are needed everywhere

You will find the opportunity to work anywhere is limitless. Barbers are needed in every corner of the UK and beyond and so the opportunity to travel (if you want to) is there.

Many people retrain to be a barber, with Skills Northeast we have Adult Learner Loan funding which allows anyone in Newcastle that is 19+ to reskill. To find out more visit https://campaigns.sne.org.uk/barbering-course/

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