Exercise Referral

Level 3 Course
8 Weeks
Fully funded

This Exercise Referral course is for anyone looking to offer safe and effective exercise programming. That is to say, it's for referred patients with a number of medical conditions. In other words, common reasons for referral onto a community-based referral scheme. Call Emma on 07949 308 093 to start your career in fitness.

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Course Overview

This qualification is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills to ensure safe and effective exercise programming.

These new skills will broaden the personal trainers client base. Further more it will provide learners the confidence to look after patients with a number of medical conditions including.

  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Learners will be able to find clients through their local GP surgeries. Also as an independent Personal Trainer. Supporting clients who may benefit from specialist knowledge of these conditions.

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Course Duration
8 Weeks
Course Fees
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Course Level
Level 3
Awarding Body
North East

What will you learn?

Anatomy and physiology for exercise and health - Unit 1

By completing the unit, the learner will understand:

  • heart and circulatory system and its relation to exercise and health
  • the musculoskeletal system and its relation to exercise
  • postural and core stability
  • nervous system and its relation to exercise
  • endocrine system and its relation to exercise and health
  • energy systems and their relation to exercise

Professional practice for exercise referral instructors - Unit 2

By completing the unit, the learner will understand the:

  • importance of the role and related policies and key documents
  • roles and responsibilities of the role
  • current healthcare systems in the UK
  • exercise referral process
  • principles and procedures of record keeping
  • concept of a patient centred approach
  • how to monitor a successful the referral scheme
  • principles of risk stratification

Understanding medical conditions for exercise referral - Unit 3

By completing the unit, the learner will be able to:

  • understand the clinical features of the medical conditions
  • know the accepted methods for treatment and management of medical conditions
  • understand the relationship between exercise and specified exercise referral medical conditions
  • recognise how to programme safe, effective exercise programmes for patients with specified medical conditions

Applying the principles of nutrition and physical activity - Unit 4

By completing the unit, the learner will understand the:

  • principles of nutrition
  • key guidelines in relation to nutrition
  • nationally recommended practice in relation to providing nutritional advice
  • relationship between nutrition and physical activity
  • how to collect information relating to nutrition
  • using nutritional information
  • principles of nutritional goal setting with clients
  • collect and analyse nutritional information
  • apply the principles of nutrition to a physical activity programme

Planning exercise referral programmes with patients - Unit 5

By completing the unit, the learner will be able to understand the following with regards to exercise referral:

  • preparation for the programmes
  • importance of long term behaviour change for patients
  • principles of collecting information to plan programme
  • how to identify health-related fitness goals
  • planning the programme with patients
  • adapting a programme with patients
  • collect information about the patients
  • agree to goals with patients
  • plan an exercise programme with patients
  • manage an referral programme with patients
  • review progress with the referral patients
  • adopt an referral programme with patients

Instructing exercise with referred patients - Unit 6

By completing the unit, the learner will be able to understand:

  • instructing exercise to exercise referral patients
  • how to adapt exercise to meet the needs of exercise referral patients
  • the importance of reviewing exercise referral sessions with patients
  • prepare resources for the exercise referral sessions
  • preparing patients for exercise referral sessions
  • instruct and adapt planned exercises to exercise referral patients
  • bring exercise referral sessions to an end
  • review exercise referral sessions

Can I apply
for this course?

Whether you qualify for an Advanced Learner Loan depends on your: course, age and nationality or residency status.

  • You must be 19 or older on the first day of your course.
  • Be living in the UK on the first day of your course
  • Have been living in the UK, the Channel Islands or Isle of Man for 3 years before starting your course
  • Be a UK national or have ‘settled status’ (this means there are no restrictions on how long you can stay).

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All of the courses we offer at SNE are aimed to help progress your continuous professional development.

This qualification provides progression onto:

  • Active IQ Level 4 Certificate In Physical Activity and Lifestyle Strategies for Managing Low Back Pain.
  • Active IQ Level 4 Certificate In Physical Activity and Weight Management for Obese and Diabetic Clients.

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Learner Testimonial

"I have really enjoyed this course and gained a whole lot of confidence coming here. Following this course I even had an interview. Suffering with social anxiety I have overcome that a lot since coming here. It’s all down to the tutor so thank you very much you have done a perfect job. Keep up the good work. "

Kirsty | SNE Learner

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