Matrix Accreditation

August 2019 saw our 3 year review against the Matrix Standard. The Matrix Standard is a unique quality standard for organisations to assess and measure their advice and support services, which ultimately support individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals. The Matrix Standard is an outcome-based standard. This means that an Assessor will look not only at processes used to support IAG (Information Advice and Guidance) delivery but also the results achieved.

The Assessor assigned to SNE, Alistair, spent two days on site interviewing staff, learners and partners to judge the effectiveness of processes used to support IAG delivery, including our impact on clients. We’re pleased to confirm that our accreditation has been renewed and that the assessor was very complimentary.

Below are some extracts from our formal report:

Throughout the Accreditation Review, staff demonstrated a very clear understanding of how their IAG delivery links to wider key performance indicators for each project and then in turn through to the wider organisation goals”.

The Accreditation Review highlighted how IAG approaches across all provision are effective and revolve around learner-centred support that is enabling SNE learners to realise their life and work goals. While a typical learner IAG journey differs based on the learners’ profile and course studied, all staff were able to bring the journey to life. A particular emphasis is placed on IAG at the pre-recruitment and enrolment stages to ensure that the learner has chosen the right course from them and that they have the correct motivation. Managers and staff emphasised that from the very beginning the IAG service is based around outcomes for the learner, or as the Managing Director put it: ‘With the learner we look at the destination first; we see the end goal at the beginning'”.

Since the last Matrix assessment, SNE has continued to enhance its approach in defining, delivering and monitoring client outcomes. Individual outcomes vary to reflect the different individual services, with a range of intended outcomes identified including: feeling safe and respected, employability skills and the ability to apply for work or set up a small business; increased confidence and interpersonal skills; and improved self-esteem and self-belief”.

Throughout this Accreditation Review, SNE demonstrated how its IAG practices are equipping its learners with the skills, behaviours, attitudes and strategies to enable them to choose the right course and thrive to achieve, with positive progression to further learning, employment and self-employment.

Matrix Accreditation | 2019

A big thank you and well done to all staff, learners and partners who were part of this assessment!

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