Understanding Leadership: Get Your SIA License

Get Your SIA License in Tyne and Wear

Are you searching for a meaningful security career in Northeast England, where you can help protect businesses and the public?

Our fully-funded Under Leadership: Get Your SIA badge Bootcamp offers you the training and SIA license necessary to kickstart your journey working in private security.

This course is designed to:

  • Give you an SIA-approved qualification to work as a door supervisor, security guard, CCTV operator, close protection operative, event security staff, retail security officer, security consultant, security manager, CVIT crew, and keyholding and response officer.
  • Equip you with security best practices, conflict resolution, licensing laws, and more.
  • Prepare you for employment through hands-on training and a GUARANTEED INTERVIEW with a local employer.
  • Gain a personally fulfilling and financially stable career opportunity in security in Tyne and Wear.

By joining our security course, you’ll receive:

  • Fully funded training and an SIA-approved qualification valid for three years
  • Reimbursement for lunch and travel expenses
  • Assurance of a job interview upon successful completion
  • The satisfaction of making a positive impact on security and public safety

Access our Understanding Leadership: SIA license factsheet by downloading it here.

Our course dates include:

  • March 25 2024

What are you waiting for? Apply now to change your future and get into paid employment!

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