How to become Personal Trainer

Are you ready to turn your passion into a career as a Personal Trainer?

Thinking? How to become a Personal Trainer, with the world beginning to return to normality. Therefore, many people have taken the time in lockdown to rethink their careers. According to, 835,494 new businesses were registered in the UK in the last year. Turning your passion for health and fitness into a business,. This can improve people’s lives, through making them feel healthier and happier. It’s a great way to feel fulfilled in your career.

However, our course for Gym Instructing and Personal Training is ideal for someone wishing to start their own business. You can pursue a career in personal training within a gym. The Personal Training industry is worth an astonishing £535.9 million in the UK. Many of the big name gyms in the North East are currently actively recruiting for personal trainers, there has never been a better time to apply for the course.

We offer a fantastic part time course, enabling you to work while preparing yourself for your new career. The course itself will last 15 weeks. Above all Skills North East will provide you with a Level 3 qualification with the award-winning organisation, Active IQ. We hold this program in various fitness centres across the North East.  This course is designed to give you a competitive edge and once completed will leave you with the confidence, knowledge and skills for employment. There are employment opportunities within gyms or you can set up your own business and attract your first clients!  To read more about the contents of the course, visit our Fitness pages to see our courses, click here.

This course can be funded via a Learner Loan, meaning the UK government will fully fund your course and you won’t have to pay back the cost until you are earning over £27,295 per year.  To find out more about Learner Loans, check out information here.

If this sounds like your dream career path, contact us on 0191 250 4590 today to join out upcoming courses! Check out more of our life changing courses here.

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