Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy

Rowan Smith wanted an understanding of Sports Massage Therapy and Skills North East didn’t disappoint.

For some time Rowan’s wanted to get a better understanding of Sport Massage Therapy.  Rowan has been involved with sports from a young age and really enjoys 5 aside in which he plays regularly. As a result of this, he has seen so many injuries over the years through football and other sports. He saw this as the career for him!

He’s taking an active role in helping his fellow teammates

The course covers in detail the functions of the body from the skeletal, the joints, the skin to the muscles. And how to identify and treat problems to alleviate pain. And this appealed to Rowan. Here are details of the Sport Massage Therapy course.

This qualification has taken him into the fitness industry – where his heart is.

The Level 3, 18 week course has led him to become a fully qualified Sports Massage Therapy and the great news is … he’s already met his first paying customer!

He can also support on match days with this new skill, which has made him an asset to the team and unsurprisingly very popular!

Rowan said ‘I really enjoyed the course. I did it because I want to become a full time Sports Massage Therapist and now my new career is beginning.’ He went on to say ‘Doug our tutor is very knowledgeable and through our many tutorial and practical sessions I gained and deep understanding of the body, the industry and how to get my business started.

Rowan is currently working in adult care. He has put plans in place to scale up his Sports Massage Therapy business, as you can see he’s has a company logo,

Facebook and Instagram presence.

RS Sports Therapy on Facebook

RS Sports Therapy on Instagram

We wish Rowan all the best with RS Sports Therapy and we will see him for the Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy course starting soon!

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