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At SNE, we’re all about turbocharging your employability through the power of learning. Because let’s face it, the more options you have, the smarter choices you can make for your future.

So, where’s the starting line, you ask?

Well, lucky for you, we’ve paved multiple funding paths designed to ignite your creativity, fuel your innovative spirit, and catapult your career to new heights.

But that’s not all. We’ve struck gold by teaming up with top-notch employers who are eagerly seeking talent in the very fields you’re training for. And get this: many of our courses come with a golden ticket – an interview guarantee with a local employer once you’ve aced the program.

Excited yet? You should be! We’ve got a treasure trove of funding options waiting just for you, tailored to fit your age, your area, and the industry that sets your soul on fire.

So what’s the holdup? Dive in and discover the opportunities that await you. Your future self will thank you for it!

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Our Services

At SNE we offer four core routes to progressing your career.

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Learner Loans

Improve your chances of getting that job, becoming self employed or gaining that promotion.

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Short courses

Providing you with the skills and then learning you need to equip you ready for work.

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Apprenticeships are a great way to train and develop your career skills specialised training.

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Skills Bootcamps

Part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, helping everyone gain skills for life.

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Advanced Learner Loans

Improve your chances of getting that job, becoming self employed or gaining that promotion

Ready to skyrocket your chances of landing that dream job, launching your own business, or clinching that long-awaited promotion? Look no further – we’ve got your back!

With our Advanced Learner Loans, you’re not just leveling up – you’re doing it on your own terms, at your own pace.

We’re rolling out the red carpet with a diverse range of Level 3 & Level 4 courses spanning various industries, all funded through our Advanced Learner Loans program. The best part? You can handpick your course, apply for the loan hassle-free, and kickstart your journey without worrying about repayment until your annual income hits £27,295.

Oh, and here’s a little extra perk: if you’re 19 or older and eyeing your first Level 3 qualification, we’ve got a special offer just for you. Don’t miss out – reach out to us today to see if you qualify

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Short Courses

Show your employer that you are an expert in your field, and give your customers and clients the best service possible.

At our fingertips, we’ve got a rich selection of nationally accredited short courses that pack a punch with long-term benefits for everyone.

Whether you’re currently on the job hunt and craving a new adventure or already employed and hungry for growth, we’ve got just the courses to pave your way forward.

Remember, it’s never too late to dive into something new – we’ve welcomed learners from a vibrant spectrum, spanning ages 19 to 70! So, don’t let those numbers hold you back.

In fact, topping up your specialist knowledge is never a disadvantage; it’s your secret weapon for staying ahead of the curve. So why wait?

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Apprenticeships are a great way to train and develop your career skills with cutting edge, specialised training.

Apprenticeships mix on-the-job training with classroom learning. They provide you with the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed for your chosen career that will also lead to nationally recognised qualifications. As an Apprentice you earn whilst you learn to give you the opportunity to start your career straight away.

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If you are at risk at all, of any form of neglect, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, or become aware of another person that is, you must report it straight away. Safeguarding is the action that is taken to promote the welfare of everyone, and protect them from harm.

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