Skills North East’s qualified learner adventures. This is Jack’s story.

During lockdown Jack Mulhern taken the opportunity to use this time to grow his fitness knowledge with Skills North East’s Sports Massage Therapy course.

Jack Mulhern is an experienced diver and diving coach based at Sunderland Aquatic Centre, as you know, with Covid and restrictions his place of work has been closed since March.  During lockdown Jack taken the opportunity to use this time to grow his fitness knowledge with Skills North East’s Sports Massage Therapy course.  With a passion for his students becoming their best, adding sports massage to his skill set made this a winning combination for Jack. 

At Sunderland Aquatic Centre Jack is a dedicated coach and trains a range of divers from 6-21 at a national and international level. He also coaches 40s to 50s year olds in competitions. 

His students exercise 4 days a week, with a combination of board work and trampolining to help with strength and conditioning. 

Jack started the Sports Massage Therapy course in May and completed it on time in August, the course was delivered over Zoom and when allowed, he met with is tutor Doug and his fellow learners to understand the practical side of the course. 

Jack said ‘Learning via Zoom was new to me, I soon picked it up and it worked well. The lessons were delivered by presentations, discussion work and breakout sessions organised by the tutor. We were set work to complete at home each week which I completed using the ActiveIQ manual. When I met my class in person for the first time it felt really good, we met in the gym and we knuckled down to work straight away as we had time to make a connection.’

Jack comments, ‘I’m now a fully qualified Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist, this complements my coaching role perfectly. I travel regularly with my divers when they are competing, I am on hand to give the team advice and I can now offer massage to improve their strength and mobility by reducing muscle atrophy, pain and swelling. I’m really looking forward to getting back to work, training my divers, and putting my new skills to work.’

We wish Jack all the best for the future with his diving students and providing sports massage therapy to his team. 

If you would like a career in Sports Massage Therapy or any of our fitness courses contact Emma at Skills North East on 0191 250 4590.

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